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Manchester Derby: Manchester United V/s Manchester City

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Manchester Derby: Manchester United V/s Manchester City

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Manchester derby is the most famous rivalries in the entire world, where the two different teams of the same city have been playing as rivals since the year 1881. In this game, the blues clash with the reds and spread the fever of football throughout the world. It is the most followed football match in the entire world by football fans. During this derby match, the enthusiasm of the fans is at its peak, and we can definitely feel it in the atmosphere inside the stadium. So, let us know more about the Manchester derby.

Manchester Derby History

The Manchester derby refers to the match played in between Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester United play at the Old Trafford and the Manchester City team play at the Manchester Stadium. Both the stadiums are not too far away. The first match between the two teams happened on 12th November 1881, when St. Marks (later on Manchester City) hosted a match against Newton Heath (later on Manchester United). The Newton Heath team won this by 3-0. This game was described as a pleasant friendly game. During this time both the clubs were just two aspiring football sides in the Manchester area and the match did not have much significance. Slowly and gradually both the teams grew in strength and became famous as the two local clubs of the city. The Manchester city at that time was known as Ardwick and Manchester United as the Newton Heath. The first floodlight derby was played on 26th February 1889. 

In the 1890s both, the teams joined the Football Alliance, which was a temporary rival of the more relevant Football League in England and both of them tried to gain entry into the Football League but was in wain. Finally, they gained entry into the Football League in 1892 when Football Alliance merged with Football League to form the second division Football League. The Newton Heath got entry into the first division Football League and Ardwick gained entry into the second division of football League.

The first Football League match between the two occurred in 1894 when the Newton Heath defeated Ardwick ( Manchester City ) by 5-2. The first ever-growing football rivalry between the two clubs was noticed in the match in December 1906 when Manchester City defeated Manchester United by 3-0 and gained entry into the first division of Football League. The first competitive floodlight match was held in the year 1956. The Manchester Derby became more furious only after World War II.

The Manchester Derby wins

1970 was the era when more action started in the Manchester derby. Till then they were more or less professional matches, but slowly and gradually the matches became blood boiling for the fans with fierce action that was seen during the match. So, let us have an era wise look into the matches and the wins.

The 1970 era

The 1970 era saw two major incidents happening. In the first incident, Manchester United’s player broke the leg of Manchester city defender resulting in an almost permanent injury to the Manchester City defender. In another incident players from both the teams received a red-card, but, they refused to leave the ground, so, both the teams were called off the ground and the match started only when both the players accepted their penalties. This was also the era of legendary football player Denis Law. He retired from football in the year 1973-1974.

The 1980 era

The era of the 1980s was a mixed era for both the teams as the first match of the era at Old Trafford on 27th September 1980 was a draw by 2-2. In this era, Manchester City grew and developed under their new coach John Bond and reached the FA Cup Final. In the 1982-1983 season, Manchester United stood third in the Football League and won the FA Cup. The Match at Old Trafford was a draw by 2-2 on 23rd October 1982 but, Manchester United the returning match at Maine road by 2-1 in March 1983.  In 1985-1986 season, Manchester City maintained its first division status and hosted Manchester United at Maine Road. Manchester United won this match by 3-0 on 14th September 1985. Manchester United continued its win throughout the season by winning eight games. 

1986-1987 was a low season for both the teams Manchester City were relegated from its first division status and Manchester United stood 11th in a season, as a result, they changed their coach from Ron Atkinson to Alex Ferguson. The first time Alex Ferguson faced Manchester City was on 10th January 1987 in the third round of FA Cup, which Manchester United won by 1-0. Both teams clashed again at Old Trafford in March 1987 where Manchester United won by 2-0 and continued their improvement under Ferguson. In 1989 Manchester City gained back its First Division and defeated Manchester United 23 September 1989 by 5-1 when they paired in a match at Maine Road. 

1990 era

During the 1990s Manchester United ruled the Manchester Derby for over a decade. The next ten years were dominated by Manchester United. In 1990-1991 the match at Maine Road was a draw, but in the comeback match at the Old Trafford, Manchester United won by 1-0. The 1991-1992 derbies were a goalless draw and were not of that much importance. 

In 1992-1993 Manchester Derby, Manchester United saw a win by 2-1 at Old Trafford on 6th December 1992. Eric Cantona made his debut in this match for Manchester United and went on to score 8 goals in four seasons. The return match at Maine in the same year was a 1-1 draw. 1993-1994 saw one of the finest Manchester derbies when Manchester United overturned a 2-0 defeat into a 3-2 win with the help of Eric Cantona’s goals two times. Again with the help of Eric Cantona, the United won the match by 2-0 on St. George’s Day at Old Trafford. Manchester United also won the derby in November 1994 by 5-0 and also won the return match by 3-0 at Maine Road three months later. 1995-1996 season was the last season of the Millenium to see the Manchester Derby. During this season also Manchester United and won all the matches with a 1-0 win in mid-October, a 3-2 win in the return game and 1-0 win in the FA Cup. 

2000 era

In April 2001 the first derby of the Millenium was played and the match was a draw by 1-1. It was the first time in nine years that Manchester City immerged not defeated. The Millenium also saw an end to the long-standing feud between Roy Keane and Alf Inge Haaland. Keane represented Manchester United and made a declaration in 2002 that the move he had made in 1998 against Alfe was premeditated in order to sustain the injury, which resulted in £1,50,000 penalty and a ban for five matches. On 9th November 2002, Manchester City won the Derby Match played at Maine Road by 3-1 and broke the losing spell of 13 long years. In the same season, the match at Old Trafford was also a draw by 1-1. Manchester City won the first derby at their new stadium City of Manchester Stadium by 4-1. The 2007-2008 season proved to be a very good season for Manchester City where they won both the Derby matches at the Manchester Stadium and Old Trafford by 1-0 and 2-1 respectively. But, with Cristiano Ronaldo on their side, Manchester United won the next season derby matches in 2008-2009. Manchester City saw a remarkable improvement in the 2008-2009 season with two well-played semi-finals. In 2009 they signed Carlos Tevez after his contract with United ended resulting in a big controversy. 

2010 to present

The 2009-2010 season saw some very tense matches, among which the match at Old Trafford is considered the best derby of all time where eventually Manchester United ended up winning by 4-3. It was a nail-biting match. They met again on 17th April 2010 where again Manchester United defeated City by 1-0. The 2010-2011 season saw three derbies which resulted in both the teams winning a one-one match and the other match resulted in a draw. Manchester United’s win was at Old Trafford whereas Manchester City’s win came at the season’s FA cup final. 

On 23rd October 2011, Manchester City defeated Manchester United at Old Trafford by 6-1, which was the biggest score at Old Trafford. This was United’s first defeat of the season. The third derby happened in the third round of the FA Cup of the season where Manchester United won the match by 3-2. On 30th April 2012, Manchester City defeated Manchester United by 1-0 at the city of Manchester Stadium. This win put the City team on top of the League’s list and finally won the league title. 

The 2012-2013 season derby was won by Manchester United in the dying minutes of the game. Manchester City won the second derby of the season at Old Trafford. 

The first derby of the 2013-2014 season was won by Manchester City on 22 September 2013 at City of Manchester Stadium by 4-1. On 25th March 2014, Manchester City made a double over the United team when they won the match at Old Trafford and won the Premier League for the second time in two years. During the 2014-2015 season city defeated the United team by 1-0 but United won their next match by 4-2 at the Old Trafford. 

In 2015-2016 the first derby at Old Trafford was a goalless draw. But Manchester United won the next derby of the season at City of Manchester Stadium by 1-0. In the 2016-2017 season both the teams had managerial changes and both the teams won one title each and the last match was a draw. 

In the 2017-2018 season, the city won by 2-1 at Old Trafford on 10 December and had a chance to win the premier league which they did win. In 2018-2019 season Manchester City won all the three derbies. The first one at the city of Manchester Stadium by 3-1, by 2-0 at the Old Trafford and the away derby win.

Manchester Derby Head-to-Head

The Manchester Derby statistics mentioned below are as of 29 January 2020.

CompetitionPlayedManchester UnitedDrawManchester CityManchester CityManchester United
Premier League45228156166
Football League First Division104353930147141
Football League Second Division126421321
FA Cup96031218
EFL Cup84141411
FA Community Shield220024

Manchester Derby All-Time Top Scorers

1Wayne RooneyManchester United11
2Joe HayesManchester City10
3Francis LeeManchester City10
4Sergio AgüeroManchester City9
5Bobby CharltonManchester United9
6Colin BellManchester City8
7Eric CantonaManchester United8
8Brian KiddManchester United
Manchester City
9Joe SpenceManchester United8
10Paul ScholesManchester United7
11Dennis ViolletManchester United7


CompetitionManchester UnitedManchester CityCombined
FA Cup12618
League Cup5611
Community Shield21627
European Cup / Champions League303
UEFA Cup / UEFA Europa League101
UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup112
UEFA Super Cup101
Intercontinental Cup101
FIFA Club World Cup101

As per the competition regulations, prior 1993 the Community shield was to be shared if the match ended in a draw. Manchester United had 4 shared and 17 outright titles.

Players Played for Both Clubs

No.PlayersManchester CityManchester United
1William Douglas1890–18941894–1896
2Bob Milarvie1891–18961890–1891
3Adam Carson1893–18941892–1893
4Alf Edge18941891–1892
5Billy Meredith1894–1906
6Bert Read1895–19021902–1908
7Fred Williams1896–19021902–1903
8Stockport Smith1897–19001901–1902
9Joe Cassidy1900–19011893
10Frank Barrett1901–19021896–1900
11Hugh Morgan1901–19021900–1901
12Daniel Hurst1901–19021902–1903
13John Christie1904–19071902–1904
14Jimmy Bannister1902–19061906–1909
15Sandy Turnbull1902–19061906–1915
16Herbert Burgess1903–19061906–1910
17George Livingstone1903–19061909–1915
18Horace Blew19061906
19Herbert Broomfield1908–19101907–1908
20Mickey Hamill1920–19241911–1914
21Wilf Woodcock1920–19221912–1920
22George Albinson1921–19221920–1921
23Len Langford1930–19341934–1937
24Bill Ridding1930–19311931–1934
25Bill Dale1931–19381925–1931
26Harry Rowley1932–19331928–1932
27Denis Law1960–1961
28Brian Kidd1976–19791963–1974
29Wyn Davies1971–19721972–1973
30Sammy McIlroy1985–19861971–1982
31Peter Barnes1974–1979
32John Gidman1986–19881981–1986
33Peter Beardsley19981982–1983
34Mark Robins19991986–1992
35Andrei Kanchelskis20011991–1995
36Peter Schmeichel2002–20031991–1999
37Terry Cooke1999–20021994–1999
38Andy Cole2005–20061995–2001
39Carlos Tevez2009–20132007–2009
40Owen Hargreaves2011–20122007–2011

This is all the information we know about Manchester Derby and wished to share it with you. If you feel we have missed something then do let us know in the comment section.

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